“Tests are stories we tell the next generation of programmers on a project.”

Roy Osherove, The Art of Unit Testing

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An application contains small amount of components, it could be a struct, function or class, we call it unit components, and our application reliability is depends on this unit…

Redis (Remote Dictionary Server) is a in memory data store which can we used as a database, cache, and message broker. The most apparent use cases for Redis is as cache store on the server side. …

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On multithreaded programming environment, we use locks to limit access to shared resources. An example of a lock is a mutex, it name stand for mutual exclusion. …

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In Go programming language, we can achieve concurrency by using goroutine. Goroutine is one of the most basic units Go programming language. When we create go program, it has at least one goroutine, we called it the main goroutine, it is automatically created and started when the main process begin.

Since version 2.0, Kong announced Go as one of the supported languages to be used on Kong API Gateway plugins development besides Lua. Kong releases the Plugin Development Kit (PDK) for Go users on their official repository. In this article, we’ll try to develop and deploy custom plugins for Kong…

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Implementing concurrent processes in the Go programming language is very easy. Just run your function with go prefix, and boooom, your function will not blocking your main Goroutine.

But, what if your awesome concurrent function have responsibility with the machine’s I/O? For example, your function will do 100 parallel HTTP…

“Concurrency is about dealing with lots of things at once. Parallelism is about doing lots of things at once.” — Rob Pike

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Concurrency and Parallelism

What is the meaning of concurrency in programming?

Concurrency is the ability of a program for running multiple tasks simultaneously.

And what is parallelism ?

Parallelism is about…

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One Time Password (OTP) via SMS dapat mempermudah pengguna aplikasi dalam proses autentikasi. Secara garis besar, proses nya dapat dilihat dalam gambar berikut:

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Model View ViewModel (MVVM) merupakan salah satu architectural pattern yang dipakai dalam pengembangan perangkat lunak berbasis Graphical User Interface (GUI), arsitektur ini memisahkan business logic dengan GUI. Pada Android SDK sendiri, telah tersedia library Data Binding dari API level 7+.

Beberapa layer pada arsitektur MVVM :


Model / entity…

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